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APCM 2023


APCM 2022


Churches together in Ramsey Newsletter

APCM 2021

World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2021 - Friday, 5 March 2021


Daily Prayer in Epiphany 2021 (for use until Candlemas, January 31)

Prayer sheet for Monday 22nd November 2020

eBulletin No34

Prayer sheet for Monday 16th November 2020

eBulletin No32

Prayer sheet for Monday 9th November 2020

eBulletin No31

Prayer sheet for Monday 2nd November 2020 week

eBulletin No30 

Prayer sheet for Monday 25th Oct 2020 week

eBulletin No29 

Uganda sponsored children letters

APCM Report 2020

Prayer sheet for Monday 5th October - Saturday 10th October 

eBulletin No28

Prayer sheet for Monday 28th September - Saturday 3rd October

eBulletin No27


Prayer sheet for Monday 7th September - Saturday 12th September

eBulletin No 24

Sunday 6th September service transcript

Prayer sheet for Monday 31st August - Saturday 5th September

eBulletin No 23

Sunday 23rd August service transcript

Prayer sheet for Monday 24th August - Saturday 29th August

eBulletin No 22

Sunday 23rd August service transcript

eBulletin No 21

Prayer sheet for Monday 17th August - Saturday 22nd August

Sunday 9th August service transcript

eBulletin No 20

Prayer sheet for Monday 10th August - Saturday 15th August


Prayer sheet for Monday 3rd August - Saturday 8th August

eBulletin No 19

Sunday 2nd August service transcript

Sunday 25th July service transcript


eBulletin No 17

Sunday 19th July service transcript

Prayer sheet - Monday 20th July 2020

eBulletin No 16

Sunday 12th July service transcript

Prayer sheet - Monday 13th July 2020

eBulletin No 15

Sunday 5th July service transcript

Prayer sheet - Monday 6th July 2020

Newsletter from Kisiizi Hospital in Uganda 

Sunday 28th June service transcript

eBulletin No 14

Prayer sheet - 29 June 2020

Prayer Sheet - 22nd June 2020

eBulletin No 13

Transcript for 21st June

Prayer Sheet 15 June 2020

eBulletin No 12

Transcript for 14th June

Pocket Prayers - 9 Days of Prayer

Thy Kingdom Come

Prayer Sheet 4th May 2020

Transcript for the 3rd of May 2020

eBulletin No 6

Life under Lockdown

Sunday Service Transcript - 26th April 2020

eBulletin No 5

Prayer Sheet - 27th April

Prayers - Monday 20th Apr – Saturday 25th Apr

Transcript for Second Sunday of Easter 

eBulletin No 4

eBulletin No 3

Good Friday Transcript

Maundy Thursday 

Thought for the Day - 07 April 2020

Service for Monday of Holy Week

Transcript of Palm Sunday Service

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Important Contacts:

For Pastoral Issues:

Revd. Iain Osborne


For Foodbank and Community Outreach

Leo Orobor

For Church enquiries

Operations Manager

Videos from our YouTube channel will be posted below:

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