St Mary's

1st week

11.15 am 

Morning Prayer

2nd week

9.30 am

Holy Communion

3rd week

9.30 am

Morning Prayer

4th week

9.30 am

Holy Communion

St Mary's, Ramsey St Mary's enjoys weekly Sunday worship starting at 11:15am on the 1st week and on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th week at 9.30am. As well as Sunday services we also enjoy hosting festivals, art, music and social activities for the whole community. You can click on our calendar for details of services and events.

St Mary's also has a close link with Ashbeach Primary School running a half-termly after school club called 4C's. 


 If you are looking to be baptised or married in this Church we would love to speak to you.

Contact us here. 

St Marys Ramse St Marys
St Marys Ramsey St Marys

The Harvest Festival 2017 saw cats, dogs, rabbits and other animal friends join us in the celebration of Harvest Time. There was also some great singing from the pupils at Ashbeach School.