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 St Thomas à Becket 

Sunday 2 April

8am Holy Communion

10am Family Worship with baptism

Procession at 9.50am Abbey Gatehouse

Accessibility: to the right hand side of the Church there is a ramped access which leads into the Church and to the disabled toilet.  Outside the Church, there are two marked disabled parking spaces.


8.00 am
HC (Book of Common Prayer)

1st and 3rd Weeks


Children coloring

10.00 am

Family Worship

An informal service for families and everyone on every 1st and 3rd Sunday.

Join us for breakfast from 9.30am on the third Sunday.




10.00 am

Parish Communion

Every 2nd and 4th Week 

Church Aisles


(4.30pm winter)

Evening Prayer

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday we will be hosting evening prayer. Time will change to 4.30pm in the winter.  

Following the Ely Diocese vision, we pray to be a generous and visible people of Jesus Christ and we are delighted to welcome you.

We are living in challenging times and we want to continue to support you in anyway possible. Along this vein, we will be posting our Sunday Sermon here every week so you can still feel part of the service.

We will posting resources here for your daily needs.

Is there a toilet?
We are also really pleased to offer two toilets including a baby changing station and a permanent ramp to make wheelchair, mobility and buggy access even easier. 

As well as services lots of other activities happen in our church community and building.

For more information see our in the community pages. 

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